Demythtifying the Urbanista’s Untruths

myth truthby Jon Lisbin

I’d like to take a moment to dispel some myths that are commonly used to suppress and dismiss the voice of neighborhood residents.

Myth # 1 We oppose growth.  Seattle Fair Growth (SFG) and the Seattle Coalition for Affordability, Livability and Equity (SCALE) welcome growth and all newcomers to the city of Seattle. What we care about primarily is that the infrastructure in Seattle supports that growth so we can all enjoy this beautiful part of the world.  Let’s not ruin it!

Myth #2 – We commonly hear from Urbanistas (those who profit and pray to the alter of growth at all costs) that Single Family Zones comprise 65% of of Seattle land. I want to dispose of that myth once and for all as none other than the  Seattle’s comprehensive plan  makes it clear that SFZ’s comprise 35.5% of Seattle acreage.

% SFZ Seattle

Myth # 3 We need these upzones so we can develop more housing.  As you know apartment development in Seattle reached historic records in 2017; over 10,000 units and there are plans for over 12,500.  There is no shortage of capacity in Seattle with current zoning. Not to mention, the avg. occupancy per unit is 2; not 1.

Myth # 4SCALE and other neighborhood groups are trying to slow down the process of development by appealing the EIS.  Nothing can be further from the truth. We are simply trying to improve the process by having our voices heard and exposing the plan’s inadequacies to our neighbors.

Myth #5We’re trying to protect our home values. – Nobody is selling because there’s nowhere to go. The truth is we are trying to prevent displacement of vulnerable citizens as developers and developer interests have one goal in mind; maximizing profits by buying political influence.

Don’t let the Urbanistas green-wash the environmental facts of urbanism and slander the voice of the neighborhoods. Stand up for what you believe in; managed growth and the truth!

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