Get out the vote!

**Ballots due November 7th**
Seattle does not need more developer-funded elected officials in City Hall.  Seattle Fair Growth recommends the following candidates for City Council:
  • Vote: Jon Grant, City Council position 8
    Jon Grant is a housing advocate and grass roots organizer.  He is not taking any campaign contributions from developers or CEOs.  He is advocating for a tax on our wealthiest corporations to build 5,000 units of public housing, which would virtually end unsheltered homelessness in Seattle.  If you want someone with real solutions to our housing crisis, vote Jon Grant for City Council, position 8
  • Vote: Pat Murakami, City Council position 9
    Pat has decades of experience advocating and volunteering for our neighborhoods, public safety and our schools.  She is a strong voice against developer-driven policies and upzones and is not taking political campaign contributions from developers.  If you want a strong neighborhood voice on City Council, vote Pat Murakami for City Council, position 9.

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