One Street in Ballard

by Jon Lisbin

Where have the trees gone? Where has the neighborhood gone? What about the sense of community?

But look how the developer took pains to match his building to the blue house.  Thank you city planners!


2 thoughts on “One Street in Ballard

  1. How do townhouses eliminate the “sense of community”? Won’t people and families live in those townhouses and become part of the community?

    • We welcome all newcomers and want them to enjoy the same livability and community that we have. That livability was what attracted me to Seattle 20 years ago. We definitely need more density to accommodate the rapid influx of people. Unfortunately, we are getting the density without the proper infrastructure to support it (schools, parks, roads, utilities). The approach has been to bulldoze ballard with complete disregard for the existing community. Just like the trees, it’s now gone forever. I don’t blame the people moving here at all, nor do I blame the hard working construction workers trying to earn a living. I do blame city officials and builder (some not all) greed.

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