Crosscut coverage of the “Save the U-District” forum

Crosscut’s Josh Cohen reported on the U-District’s Community Forum, held Tuesday, May 16th, covering the city’s proposed upzones. Although the article was a fair representation of the forum, SFG believes the label “anti-growth advocates” is a gross mischaracterization and one of the many labels (NIMBY, white, elitists, racists) being used by for profit interests, and their enablers, to suppress community input.

Seattle Fair Growth accepts growth as inevitable. The U-District, Ballard and other Urban Villages have seen the city’s own growth targets for 2024 exceeded by over 300% 10 years early! Growth is not the question. The question is whether:

  • the supporting infrastructure is in place, i.e. Concurrency,
  • environmental impacts are minimized,
  • housing is “affordable,”
  • vulnerable communities are not displaced, and
  • the livability and unique characteristics of the city we love are maintained.

Over 200 impassioned community members attended this forum. As accurately reported, by far the majority were opposed (dare I say pissed off) to the proposed upzones; despite a concerted effort by the pro upzone crowd to rally their supporters. The citizens of Seattle are voicing their opinion and the City Council and Mayor, as city representatives, have no choice but to listen.

Click here for the article


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